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Interview: Dr. William Richard Samek Ph.D., Miami Beach, FL, Posted by Robert Paisola

The Truth Re... (more)

The Truth Regarding America's Registered Sex Offenders

Humanitarian Project: On location in Miami Florida June 15, 16, 17 2007

Miami Ground Zero: Bridge Over Troubled Waters Media Event

Part 1 Interview with: Dr. William Richard Samek Ph.D. Clinical and Forensic Psychologist ...Under the Julia Tuttle Causeway Bridge

Participating groups in RSO community recorded on site under the Julia Tuttle Causeway Bridge

A Documentary about the forced homelessness of registered sex offenders on June 2007 in Miami Beach Florida

This is an ongoing collaborative media event to present factual empirical evidence concerning registered sex offenders including a coalition of experts consisting of countless organizations including therapists, medical professionals, family advocates, victim advocates and those family members including the children of registered sex offenders directly effected by the collateral effect of punishment laws labeled as regulatory rather than what they really are. There comes a time to draw a line in the sand when common sense has been breached and where moral, legal and constitutional principles have been disregarded by those who hold public office.

The focus and purpose of such punitive laws are to make it impossible to live in society and punishing the family unit by extension, this does not prevent future sex crimes. The focus is to concentrate on the past offense for the sole purpose of shaming and punishing then defining it as a "regulatory scheme" under juris prudence doctrines.

Those who hold public office have taken the attitude of "let the chips fall where they may" ignoring any kind of community support aimed at reintegration other than segregation and isolation, this makes it more likely that a future crime will occur out of desperation to survive (the variables).

96.5% of sex crimes are committed by a person (the general public) who is not on a sex offender registry so that leaves one question, how did these punitive laws protect any children? Blame shifting? If 5% of the population in the United States is reconvicted for another sex offense; ask yourself this question tiny of a group is that?

Punitive laws exclusively aimed at registered sex offenders? Did those in public office base their legislation on empirical data, and did they base this on those facts or are they selling you a false sense of security to make sure you vote for them in the next election?

When any public official is in control of any public office, their affirmative and primary duty is to uphold the State and United States Constitution, taking an oath of office is a responsibilty, not a tool of personal pleasure to create false and perjured testimony for re-election time.

FACT: Documented empirical studies documented that less than 5% of sex offenders re-offend sexually--leaving 95%
that will not! For more empirical information visit

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