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Robert Paisola: From Sexual Abuse Survivor to CNN Advocate

Why we Support Criminal Offender Reform- The Robert Paisola Story, by Patti Pacifico

A Letter to our Readers,

My name is Patti Pacifico and I am the Media Liaison and Publicist for Mr. Robert Paisola. The Story you are about to read is truly inspirational and educational.

Our purpose is to flood the world with Robert's Message that Prison and Offender Reform is Possible. He is one of the most amazing people that I have ever represented. His pure vision and tenacity to overcome his past is the most inspirational part of who he is.

Truly, had Robert not gone through the experiences you are about to read, he would not be helping the thousands of people around the world, nor would he do it in a public forum.

If you are a member of the media, please contact my office at for a press kit. You can also visit for additional information on Robert Paisola.

We wish you the very best and Robert's next book will be out shortly, just watch , where his current book is being sold.


Patti Pacifico
Pacifico House, LLC


Mr. Paisola (hereafter referred to as Robert) grew up in a small, middle-class Ohio town. His father was a school teacher, then elementary school principle; the occupation from which he retired. His mother was a real estate agent. As a child his family joined and was bound by the ideals of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). These ideals instilled the values that began his journey of structure, self-discovery, self-knowledge and “thinking for his own self.”

At the age of thirteen he began his first business- Paisola’s Lawn Care. He quickly learned that he could earn his own money beyond the common allowance provided by his parents and the parents of his friends. At fourteen, he enlisted friends who were of legal age to do lawn maintenance work for residential and business customers while he attended high-school during the day. From this first entrepreneurial experience, he also discovered his passion for journalism and delving into the minds of individuals who had something worthy of saying.

In Newark High School’s television studio, he created a local show entitled SCHOOLS IN ACTION. He interviewed school officials and teachers. He learned the value and importance of broadcast journalism and the impact of news on a community. From this effort, he was offered a scholarship to the Broadcast Journalism Department at Brigham Young University where he studied broadcast journalism and business administration.

After a couple years at Brigham Young University, Robert discovered social hypocrisy. This hypocrisy enlightened Robert- dressing, looking and appearing they way one is told whether that is defined by an individual’s parents, the church or society as a whole was an intolerable way for him to live. Robert then decided to leave university to pursue his ideals of entrepreneurial discovery, expression and strategy.

Forming Credit Control Corporation with friends from B.Y.U., Robert led the organization by the soft touch approach- people pay their friends, not their enemies. As a twenty-something year old, Robert learned the hard lesson of not being a watch dog over his employees. Credit Control Corporation was involved in legal issues surrounding insurance fraud. Knowing that his original ideal was to live a life as an open-minded, accountable individual, Robert accepted his responsibility as the CEO of Credit Control Corporation and pleaded guilty to the fraudulent actions of his actions and those who worked under Robert and the behaviours that he overlooked or was unaware. He believed he could trust other individuals to run his business and played as most twenty-something year olds do- fast, expensive cars, a vast home and all the materialism that most individuals believe is the essential ingredient to a happy life.

After taking accountability for his company, Robert found himself in Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex. While at Lompoc, Robert worked and spent 90% of his time in the law library, studied the process and ideals of justice, met with some of the most brilliant minds in the world, who, like Robert, used their talents erroneously, including Kevin Mitnick, and here world-renowned computer hacker now working as a computer security consultant, and Michael Milken, American financier influential in developing the junk bond market and an institutional philanthropic genius. Milken now donates copious amounts of time and money to charitable causes. His estimated worth as of 2007 is $2.1 billion.

Voraciously reading, studying and learning not only law, he examined the uniqueness and learned from the varied individuals with whom he spent his time. Robert was a model inmate. He earned respect from his new found friends- fellow inmates and employees of Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex.

Released early for exceptional behaviour, Robert was given five dollars, a plane ticket to return home and wished, “Good luck!” Robert realized that he had to begin again with nothing. From his experiences and relationships at Lompoc, Robert began his understanding of the lack of promise and hope from “prison rehabilitation.” Depressed and confused and not knowing which direction to turn, Robert, with nothing but the hope of luck, attempted to begin his life anew by misinforming loan applications- just until he could get ahead. “If I could have just got one break, I would have paid every dime back. I had nothing but the new view of life without rose-colored glasses.”

Robert didn’t get a lucky break, instead he returned to Lompoc. Again, Robert was the model inmate and returned to work in the law library. This time there were no typewriters; there were computers and a new phenomenon known as the Internet. With Robert’s prodigious appetite for learning, he began his new educational endeavour- surfing the Internet, learning about people, places and things from all over the world.

The mid 90’s through 2003, very few protective measures were in place by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Thousands of people were misrepresented, including Robert, by the content that was included in photo sharing programs as well as the overly invasive pop-up windows even more prominent in the late 1990’s than now. An investigation of his computer’s hard-drive included hundreds of pictures sent to him by friends, but also included pictures bundled from and uncontrollable pop-up ad history which were defined, at that time, as child-pornography.

Robert, again taking accountability, plead guilty to possession of child pornography. He was and is bold in his plea that, “Yes, this is my computer on an unsecured network. I am therefore ultimately responsible for my property although this property contains images which were not viewed, used, passed along nor satisfied any concept of personal sexual fulfilment or deviation.”

Robert was evaluated by the Federal Psychological Committee and was unanimously determined to be an individual that does not conform to any definition of a sexual deviant, pedophile, or threat to society or children.

Handed a plane ticket for the second time, Robert returned home to Utah. This time he realized that “prison reform” is a guise for a process that is realistically adult baby-sitting. He knew that he could not take chances anymore. He knew that to move forward in life he had to define his values, pay his debt to those who were misled by his employees at Credit Control Corporation, realize and forgive himself for his mistakes and accept that he had paid his debt to society.

Robert’s second term at Lompoc began his journey of redefining the self-discovery of his college years and realizing that the road he followed, with all its twists and turns, assisted his awareness of the importance of accountability, but more importantly he began wrapping his mind around the fa├žade of approval-based living. Materialism and wealth at any cost was not his true desire and certainly not his true mission and talent in life.

Obtaining knowledge through self-study and graduating from The University of Life, Robert began working with friends from college and utilized his remaining legal resources and connections to assist consumers with debt consolidation and harassment issues. In a decision to distance himself from the false earnestness of consumer debt collection and licensing, Robert refused $750 million dollars worth of consumer debt collection contracts from various companies. Robert holds steadfast to his principle of working for those who want to understand the process of debt collection and those individuals who work for debt collection agencies. Robert has acted as a liaison for collection agencies. He, being the one who would have to work on behalf of contracted companies to pursue those who were delinquent on their debts, Robert renumerated on the mistakes of his company, Credit Control Corporation. After months of analyzing and learning from his personal past, he made the conscious decision to refuse to work with organizations that insist upon collecting debt from individuals with no regard personal circumstances or well-being.

Understanding the condition of “moral bankruptcy” and cause and effect of distorted morality, Robert now works as a liaison with associates and executives from various sectors of private and public businesses who are in need of debt consolidation or collection assistance and business restructuring. Robert educates those who contact him regarding their business to business debt collection issues, speaks on their behalf and connects them with the appropriate legal representatives and attorneys who work for the clients Robert sends them.

Robert Paisola is recognized as one of the most inspiring and sought after success and motivational professional speakers from The United States of America. He focuses the majority of his professional work speaking at seminars and conferences. Recently appearing on MSNBC, his reputation is growing exponentially as a corrections and offender reform advocate. Robert speaks to inmates on the strategies and possibilities they can attain once released from prison and is working diligently to reduce the social stigma, bias and lack of opportunity placed on released inmates.

Robert has his critics. William Spain owed $2000 in sales commission to a personal friend of Mr. Paisola. Robert attempted to gently bring forth the good will of Mr. Spain only to find resistance and deception of legal representation. Mr. Spain alleged legal representation and Mr. Paisola contacted said legal representation only to discover that Mr. Spain was in fact not under retainer for any legal representation and used an attorney’s name and stated representation falsely. Knowing the value of accountability, Robert legally posted Mr. Spain’s corrupt behavior on the Internet.

“Uncle Normie” and Bill Bauer AKA Creditwrench, are other individuals who attempt to discredit Mr. Paisola. They take a piece of truth and spin a fabricated, convoluted web of distortions of the truth and lies. These individuals, using methods described, have attempted on several occasions to discredit everything that Robert Paisola does, including sending over thirty emails to Insight Publishing, Robert's Publishing Agent. Insight Publishing retorted “Uncle Normie’s” accusations and provided credibility and proof of Mr. Paisola’ s current author contract. Insight Publishing was harassed to the point that their legal representatives had to warn “Uncle Normie” that any further allegations or attempted communication with their company would result in further legal action.

Robert uses the Internet as a tool to foster accountability, as well as promote inspiration, appreciation and hope.

Robert’s newest book “Conversations On Success” is co-authored with several successful entrepreneurs and inspiring individuals including: Dr. John Gray, famed author of Men Are Mars, Women Are From Venus, and Mr. Tom Hopkins. His newest book is now endorsed by and Insight Publishing.

Mr. Paisola has proven his credibility again and again, approval and acceptance by his peers, as well as associative representation opportunities with, but not limited to, IPA (International Profit Associates), which at one time was also a detractor of Mr. Paisola. After they met with Robert and discovered his amazing talents and character they offered him an employment opportunity, as well as friendship.

Mr. Paisola holds steadfast to his convictions, continues to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually and is a full-time father to his five year old daughter. He shares his knowledge and growth processes through his writing, speaking and avocation. He is proof that offenders can be reformed- although initially no one believed in him, he found a way to succeed and garner unprecedented trust and respect from many of the nations business leaders.

Robert rarely drops names. This leads his critics to allege his validity. However, Robert’s success has come and continues to grow from the trust and respect he has earned from those in high position. He is bound to his integrity and respect for those many who accept and trust him.

Robert is steadily paving his way to a positive future. A few speak of their dislike and attempt to discredit Robert. However, isn’t it more fascinating that 5,000 people (last week alone) were captivated by Robert, his teaching and message? What about the men and women who cry and ask Robert to tell them more, inspire them to overcome their past or thank him for his non-judgemental attitude towards them?

Robert Paisola is quickly becoming one of America’s eminent citizens, motivational speakers and success-training leaders. His vision, endorsements, awards, invitations (including a meeting with President George W. Bush and various congressmen) are detailed on his corporate website:

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